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Bus Routes

Pune to Aurangabad
Pune to Ahmednagar
Pune to Amravati
Pune to Akola
Pune to Jalna
Pune to Khamgaon
Pune to Murtajapur
Pune to Chikhali (MH)
Pune to Deulgaon Raja
Pune to Badnera
Pune to Loni
Nagpur to Amravati
Nagpur to Akola
Nagpur to Jalgaon
Nagpur to Khamgaon
Nagpur to Bhusawal
Nagpur to Erandol
Nagpur to Varangaon
Nagpur to Nandura
Nagpur to Shegaon (MH)
Nagpur to Kondhali
Nagpur to Talegaon(NGP)
Nagpur to Nandgaon
Nagpur to Ghadge (Karanja)
Nagpur to Malkapur
Nagpur to Tiosa
Nagpur to Mozari
Aurangabad to Nagpur
Aurangabad to Amravati
Aurangabad to Akola
Aurangabad to Jalna
Aurangabad to Khamgaon
Aurangabad to Murtajapur
Aurangabad to Chikhali (MH)
Aurangabad to Deulgaon Raja
Aurangabad to Badnera
Aurangabad to Shegaon (MH)
Aurangabad to Akot
Aurangabad to Anjangaon
Aurangabad to Vadgaon
Aurangabad to Loni
Aurangabad to Amdapur
Aurangabad to Paratwada
Aurangabad to Pathrot
Aurangabad to Borgaon
Aurangabad to Belora
Aurangabad to Pandhari
Aurangabad to Parsapur
Aurangabad to Kasampur
Aurangabad to Bhandaraj
Aurangabad to Karla
Aurangabad to Sategaon
Aurangabad to Panaj
Ahmednagar to Aurangabad
Ahmednagar to Amravati
Ahmednagar to Akola
Ahmednagar to Jalna
Ahmednagar to Khamgaon
Ahmednagar to Murtajapur
Ahmednagar to Chikhali (MH)
Ahmednagar to Deulgaon Raja
Ahmednagar to Badnera
Ahmednagar to Loni
Shirdi to Aurangabad
Shirdi to Amravati
Shirdi to Akola
Shirdi to Jalna
Shirdi to Khamgaon
Shirdi to Murtajapur
Shirdi to Badnera
Shirdi to Shegaon (MH)
Shirdi to Loni
Shirdi to Borgaon
Shirdi to Belora
Nashik to Aurangabad
Nashik to Shirdi
Nashik to Malegaon
Nashik to Sinnar
Nashik to Amravati
Nashik to Akola
Nashik to Jalna
Nashik to Jalgaon
Nashik to Khamgaon
Nashik to Murtajapur
Nashik to Bhusawal
Nashik to Nandura
Nashik to Badnera
Nashik to Shegaon (MH)
Nashik to Loni
Nashik to Dhule
Nashik to Malkapur
Nashik to Nagzari
Nashik to Murtizapur
Nashik to Borgaon
Nashik to KURUM
Nashik to JAMTHA
Nashik to Belora
Malegaon to Amravati
Malegaon to Akola
Malegaon to Jalgaon
Malegaon to Khamgaon
Malegaon to Bhusawal
Malegaon to Nandura
Malegaon to Badnera
Malegaon to Loni
Malegaon to Dhule
Malegaon to Malkapur
Malegaon to Nagzari
Malegaon to Murtizapur
Malegaon to Borgaon
Malegaon to KURUM
Malegaon to JAMTHA
Sinnar to Aurangabad
Sinnar to Shirdi
Sinnar to Amravati
Sinnar to Akola
Sinnar to Jalna
Sinnar to Khamgaon
Sinnar to Murtajapur
Sinnar to Badnera
Sinnar to Shegaon (MH)
Sinnar to Loni
Sinnar to Borgaon
Sinnar to Belora
Amravati to Pune
Amravati to Nagpur
Amravati to Aurangabad
Amravati to Ahmednagar
Amravati to Shirdi
Amravati to Nashik
Amravati to Malegaon
Amravati to Sinnar
Amravati to Akola
Amravati to Jalna
Amravati to Jalgaon
Amravati to Khamgaon
Amravati to Murtajapur
Amravati to Chikhali (MH)
Amravati to Deulgaon Raja
Amravati to Bhusawal
Amravati to Nandura
Amravati to Balapur
Amravati to Badnera
Amravati to Shegaon (MH)
Amravati to Newasa Phata
Amravati to Loni
Amravati to Dhule
Amravati to Amdapur
Amravati to Malkapur
Amravati to Nagzari
Amravati to Murtizapur
Amravati to Borgaon
Amravati to KURUM
Amravati to JAMTHA
Amravati to Mana
Amravati to Belora
Akola to Pune
Akola to Nagpur
Akola to Aurangabad
Akola to Ahmednagar
Akola to Shirdi
Akola to Nashik
Akola to Malegaon
Akola to Sinnar
Akola to Amravati
Akola to Jalna
Akola to Jalgaon
Akola to Khamgaon
Akola to Murtajapur
Akola to Chikhali (MH)
Akola to Deulgaon Raja
Akola to Bhusawal
Akola to Nandura
Akola to Balapur
Akola to Badnera
Akola to Shegaon (MH)
Akola to Newasa Phata
Akola to Loni
Akola to Dhule
Akola to Amdapur
Akola to Malkapur
Jalna to Nagpur
Jalna to Aurangabad
Jalna to Shirdi
Jalna to Nashik
Jalna to Sinnar
Jalna to Amravati
Jalna to Akola
Jalna to Khamgaon
Jalna to Murtajapur
Jalna to Chikhali (MH)
Jalna to Badnera
Jalna to Shegaon (MH)
Jalna to Akot
Jalna to Anjangaon
Jalna to Vadgaon
Jalna to Loni
Jalna to Amdapur
Jalna to Paratwada
Jalna to Pathrot
Jalna to Borgaon
Jalna to Belora
Jalna to Pandhari
Jalna to Parsapur
Jalna to Kasampur
Jalna to Bhandaraj
Jalna to Karla
Jalna to Sategaon
Jalna to Panaj
Jalgaon to Nagpur
Jalgaon to Amravati
Jalgaon to Akola
Jalgaon to Khamgaon
Jalgaon to Murtajapur
Jalgaon to Bhusawal
Jalgaon to Varangaon
Jalgaon to Nandura
Jalgaon to Badnera
Jalgaon to Shegaon (MH)
Jalgaon to Loni
Jalgaon to Malkapur
Jalgaon to Nagzari
Jalgaon to Murtizapur
Jalgaon to Borgaon
Jalgaon to KURUM
Jalgaon to JAMTHA
Khamgaon to Pune
Khamgaon to Nagpur
Khamgaon to Aurangabad
Khamgaon to Ahmednagar
Khamgaon to Shirdi
Khamgaon to Nashik
Khamgaon to Malegaon
Khamgaon to Sinnar
Khamgaon to Amravati
Khamgaon to Akola
Khamgaon to Jalna
Khamgaon to Jalgaon
Khamgaon to Murtajapur
Khamgaon to Chikhali (MH)
Khamgaon to Deulgaon Raja
Khamgaon to Bhusawal
Khamgaon to Nandura
Khamgaon to Badnera
Khamgaon to Newasa Phata
Khamgaon to Loni
Khamgaon to Dhule
Khamgaon to Amdapur
Khamgaon to Malkapur
Murtajapur to Pune
Murtajapur to Nagpur
Murtajapur to Aurangabad
Murtajapur to Ahmednagar
Murtajapur to Nashik
Murtajapur to Malegaon
Murtajapur to Amravati
Murtajapur to Akola
Murtajapur to Jalna
Murtajapur to Jalgaon
Murtajapur to Khamgaon
Murtajapur to Chikhali (MH)
Murtajapur to Deulgaon Raja
Murtajapur to Bhusawal
Murtajapur to Nandura
Murtajapur to Badnera
Murtajapur to Shegaon (MH)
Murtajapur to Newasa Phata
Murtajapur to Loni
Murtajapur to Dhule
Murtajapur to Amdapur
Murtajapur to Malkapur
Murtajapur to Murtizapur
Murtajapur to Borgaon
Chikhali (MH) to Pune
Chikhali (MH) to Aurangabad
Chikhali (MH) to Ahmednagar
Chikhali (MH) to Shirdi
Chikhali (MH) to Nashik
Chikhali (MH) to Sinnar
Chikhali (MH) to Jalna
Chikhali (MH) to Deulgaon Raja
Chikhali (MH) to Newasa Phata
Deulgaon Raja to Pune
Deulgaon Raja to Aurangabad
Deulgaon Raja to Ahmednagar
Deulgaon Raja to Shirdi
Deulgaon Raja to Nashik
Deulgaon Raja to Sinnar
Deulgaon Raja to Jalna
Deulgaon Raja to Newasa Phata
Bhusawal to Nagpur
Bhusawal to Amravati
Bhusawal to Akola
Bhusawal to Khamgaon
Bhusawal to Murtajapur
Bhusawal to Varangaon
Bhusawal to Nandura
Bhusawal to Badnera
Bhusawal to Shegaon (MH)
Bhusawal to Loni
Bhusawal to Malkapur
Bhusawal to Nagzari
Bhusawal to Murtizapur
Bhusawal to Borgaon
Bhusawal to KURUM
Bhusawal to JAMTHA
Erandol to Nagpur
Erandol to Amravati
Erandol to Akola
Erandol to Jalgaon
Erandol to Khamgaon
Erandol to Murtajapur
Erandol to Bhusawal
Erandol to Varangaon
Erandol to Shegaon (MH)
Erandol to Malkapur
Varangaon to Nagpur
Varangaon to Amravati
Varangaon to Akola
Varangaon to Khamgaon
Varangaon to Murtajapur
Varangaon to Shegaon (MH)
Varangaon to Malkapur
Nandura to Nashik
Nandura to Malegaon
Nandura to Jalgaon
Nandura to Bhusawal
Nandura to Dhule
Nandura to Malkapur
Balapur to Aurangabad
Balapur to Shirdi
Balapur to Nashik
Balapur to Sinnar
Balapur to Jalna
Balapur to Khamgaon
Balapur to Chikhali (MH)
Balapur to Deulgaon Raja
Balapur to Shegaon (MH)
Balapur to Amdapur
Badnera to Pune
Badnera to Nagpur
Badnera to Aurangabad
Badnera to Ahmednagar
Badnera to Shirdi
Badnera to Nashik
Badnera to Malegaon
Badnera to Sinnar
Badnera to Amravati
Badnera to Akola
Badnera to Jalna
Badnera to Jalgaon
Badnera to Khamgaon
Badnera to Murtajapur
Badnera to Chikhali (MH)
Badnera to Deulgaon Raja
Badnera to Bhusawal
Badnera to Nandura
Badnera to Balapur
Badnera to Shegaon (MH)
Badnera to Newasa Phata
Badnera to Loni
Badnera to Dhule
Badnera to Amdapur
Badnera to Malkapur
Badnera to Nagzari
Badnera to Murtizapur
Badnera to Borgaon
Badnera to KURUM
Badnera to JAMTHA
Badnera to Mana
Badnera to Belora
Shegaon (MH) to Pune
Shegaon (MH) to Nagpur
Shegaon (MH) to Aurangabad
Shegaon (MH) to Ahmednagar
Shegaon (MH) to Shirdi
Shegaon (MH) to Nashik
Shegaon (MH) to Malegaon
Shegaon (MH) to Sinnar
Shegaon (MH) to Amravati
Shegaon (MH) to Akola
Shegaon (MH) to Jalna
Shegaon (MH) to Jalgaon
Shegaon (MH) to Khamgaon
Shegaon (MH) to Murtajapur
Shegaon (MH) to Chikhali (MH)
Shegaon (MH) to Deulgaon Raja
Shegaon (MH) to Bhusawal
Shegaon (MH) to Nandura
Shegaon (MH) to Newasa Phata
Shegaon (MH) to Dhule
Shegaon (MH) to Amdapur
Shegaon (MH) to Malkapur
Akot to Aurangabad
Akot to Jalna
Akot to Chikhali (MH)
Akot to Deulgaon Raja
Akot to Amdapur
Anjangaon to Aurangabad
Anjangaon to Jalna
Anjangaon to Chikhali (MH)
Anjangaon to Deulgaon Raja
Anjangaon to Amdapur
Vadgaon to Aurangabad
Vadgaon to Jalna
Vadgaon to Chikhali (MH)
Vadgaon to Deulgaon Raja
Vadgaon to Amdapur
Loni to Pune
Loni to Nagpur
Loni to Aurangabad
Loni to Ahmednagar
Loni to Shirdi
Loni to Nashik
Loni to Malegaon
Loni to Sinnar
Loni to Amravati
Loni to Akola
Loni to Jalna
Loni to Jalgaon
Loni to Khamgaon
Loni to Murtajapur
Loni to Chikhali (MH)
Loni to Deulgaon Raja
Loni to Bhusawal
Loni to Nandura
Loni to Balapur
Loni to Badnera
Loni to Shegaon (MH)
Loni to Newasa Phata
Loni to Dhule
Loni to Amdapur
Loni to Malkapur
Loni to Nagzari
Loni to Murtizapur
Loni to Borgaon
Loni to KURUM
Loni to JAMTHA
Loni to Mana
Dhule to Amravati
Dhule to Akola
Dhule to Jalgaon
Dhule to Khamgaon
Dhule to Bhusawal
Dhule to Nandura
Dhule to Badnera
Dhule to Loni
Dhule to Malkapur
Dhule to Nagzari
Dhule to Murtizapur
Dhule to Borgaon
Dhule to KURUM
Dhule to JAMTHA
Amdapur to Pune
Amdapur to Aurangabad
Amdapur to Ahmednagar
Amdapur to Shirdi
Amdapur to Nashik
Amdapur to Sinnar
Amdapur to Jalna
Amdapur to Chikhali (MH)
Amdapur to Deulgaon Raja
Amdapur to Newasa Phata
Paratwada to Aurangabad
Paratwada to Jalna
Paratwada to Chikhali (MH)
Paratwada to Deulgaon Raja
Paratwada to Amdapur
Malkapur to Nagpur
Malkapur to Nashik
Malkapur to Malegaon
Malkapur to Amravati
Malkapur to Akola
Malkapur to Jalgaon
Malkapur to Khamgaon
Malkapur to Murtajapur
Malkapur to Bhusawal
Malkapur to Shegaon (MH)
Malkapur to Dhule
Pathrot to Aurangabad
Pathrot to Jalna
Pathrot to Chikhali (MH)
Pathrot to Deulgaon Raja
Pathrot to Amdapur
Nagzari to Pune
Nagzari to Aurangabad
Nagzari to Ahmednagar
Nagzari to Shirdi
Nagzari to Nashik
Nagzari to Malegaon
Nagzari to Sinnar
Nagzari to Akola
Nagzari to Jalna
Nagzari to Jalgaon
Nagzari to Khamgaon
Nagzari to Murtajapur
Nagzari to Chikhali (MH)
Nagzari to Deulgaon Raja
Nagzari to Bhusawal
Nagzari to Nandura
Nagzari to Balapur
Nagzari to Shegaon (MH)
Nagzari to Newasa Phata
Nagzari to Dhule
Nagzari to Amdapur
Nagzari to Malkapur
Nagzari to Murtizapur
Nagzari to Borgaon
Nagzari to KURUM
Nagzari to JAMTHA
Nagzari to Mana
Murtizapur to Pune
Murtizapur to Aurangabad
Murtizapur to Ahmednagar
Murtizapur to Shirdi
Murtizapur to Nashik
Murtizapur to Malegaon
Murtizapur to Sinnar
Murtizapur to Akola
Murtizapur to Jalna
Murtizapur to Jalgaon
Murtizapur to Khamgaon
Murtizapur to Chikhali (MH)
Murtizapur to Deulgaon Raja
Murtizapur to Bhusawal
Murtizapur to Nandura
Murtizapur to Balapur
Murtizapur to Shegaon (MH)
Murtizapur to Newasa Phata
Murtizapur to Dhule
Murtizapur to Amdapur
Murtizapur to Malkapur
Murtizapur to Borgaon
Borgaon to Pune
Borgaon to Aurangabad
Borgaon to Ahmednagar
Borgaon to Shirdi
Borgaon to Nashik
Borgaon to Malegaon
Borgaon to Sinnar
Borgaon to Akola
Borgaon to Jalna
Borgaon to Jalgaon
Borgaon to Khamgaon
Borgaon to Chikhali (MH)
Borgaon to Deulgaon Raja
Borgaon to Bhusawal
Borgaon to Nandura
Borgaon to Balapur
Borgaon to Shegaon (MH)
Borgaon to Newasa Phata
Borgaon to Dhule
Borgaon to Amdapur
Borgaon to Malkapur
KURUM to Pune
KURUM to Aurangabad
KURUM to Ahmednagar
KURUM to Shirdi
KURUM to Nashik
KURUM to Malegaon
KURUM to Sinnar
KURUM to Akola
KURUM to Jalna
KURUM to Jalgaon
KURUM to Khamgaon
KURUM to Murtajapur
KURUM to Chikhali (MH)
KURUM to Deulgaon Raja
KURUM to Bhusawal
KURUM to Nandura
KURUM to Balapur
KURUM to Shegaon (MH)
KURUM to Newasa Phata
KURUM to Dhule
KURUM to Amdapur
KURUM to Malkapur
KURUM to Murtizapur
KURUM to Borgaon
KURUM to Mana
JAMTHA to Pune
JAMTHA to Aurangabad
JAMTHA to Ahmednagar
JAMTHA to Shirdi
JAMTHA to Nashik
JAMTHA to Malegaon
JAMTHA to Sinnar
JAMTHA to Akola
JAMTHA to Jalna
JAMTHA to Jalgaon
JAMTHA to Khamgaon
JAMTHA to Murtajapur
JAMTHA to Chikhali (MH)
JAMTHA to Deulgaon Raja
JAMTHA to Bhusawal
JAMTHA to Nandura
JAMTHA to Balapur
JAMTHA to Shegaon (MH)
JAMTHA to Newasa Phata
JAMTHA to Dhule
JAMTHA to Amdapur
JAMTHA to Malkapur
JAMTHA to Murtizapur
JAMTHA to Borgaon
JAMTHA to Mana
Mana to Pune
Mana to Aurangabad
Mana to Ahmednagar
Mana to Shirdi
Mana to Nashik
Mana to Sinnar
Mana to Akola
Mana to Jalna
Mana to Khamgaon
Mana to Murtajapur
Mana to Chikhali (MH)
Mana to Deulgaon Raja
Mana to Balapur
Mana to Shegaon (MH)
Mana to Newasa Phata
Mana to Amdapur
Mana to Murtizapur
Mana to Borgaon
Belora to Pune
Belora to Aurangabad
Belora to Ahmednagar
Belora to Shirdi
Belora to Nashik
Belora to Sinnar
Belora to Akola
Belora to Jalna
Belora to Khamgaon
Belora to Murtajapur
Belora to Chikhali (MH)
Belora to Deulgaon Raja
Belora to Balapur
Belora to Shegaon (MH)
Belora to Newasa Phata
Belora to Loni
Belora to Amdapur
Belora to Nagzari
Belora to Murtizapur
Belora to Borgaon
Belora to KURUM
Belora to JAMTHA
Belora to Mana
Pandhari to Aurangabad
Pandhari to Jalna
Pandhari to Chikhali (MH)
Pandhari to Deulgaon Raja
Pandhari to Amdapur
Parsapur to Aurangabad
Parsapur to Jalna
Parsapur to Chikhali (MH)
Parsapur to Deulgaon Raja
Parsapur to Amdapur
Kasampur to Aurangabad
Kasampur to Jalna
Kasampur to Chikhali (MH)
Kasampur to Deulgaon Raja
Kasampur to Amdapur
Bhandaraj to Aurangabad
Bhandaraj to Jalna
Bhandaraj to Chikhali (MH)
Bhandaraj to Deulgaon Raja
Bhandaraj to Amdapur
Karla to Aurangabad
Karla to Jalna
Karla to Chikhali (MH)
Karla to Deulgaon Raja
Karla to Amdapur
Sategaon to Aurangabad
Sategaon to Jalna
Sategaon to Chikhali (MH)
Sategaon to Deulgaon Raja
Sategaon to Amdapur
Panaj to Aurangabad
Panaj to Jalna
Panaj to Chikhali (MH)
Panaj to Deulgaon Raja
Panaj to Amdapur